Who is Northwind Aviation?

Aviation and Alaska share an incredible past, present, and future of adventure, exploration, and beauty.  So, when it came time to create a company with the ultimate touring packages for our guests, we knew that airplanes would be a big part of our success.  Seeing and accessing Alaska by air is unmatched by any other experience.  Having a birds-eye view of glaciers, volcanoes, wildlife, beaches, and rocky shorelines with cascading waterfalls creates photographs and memories that last a lifetime.  Airplanes are able to transport us everyday into untouched wilderness in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness and national parks. Our research team, pilots, and mechanics spent countless hours looking at various aircraft types used in Alaska to access these remote areas.  By placing the bulk of our attention on safety, performance, comfort, and reliability, we found that de Havilland Turboprop and Cessna aircraft were the best in the business.  Destination Alaska made a huge investment in three de Havilland turbine-powered aircraft and they have not disappointed.  Incredible horsepower, smooth quiet climb performance, low maintenance, and fast cruise speeds are just a few of the pleasant surprises we have come to enjoy. "Turbo Bear Viewing" offers our guests more time with the bears and has become a signature offering for Destination Alaska.  Next in line is our low time Cessna 206.  This aircraft lives up to its reputation of being the "pickup truck of the north".  The five seat 206 with its wide doors and rugged airframe is one of the most utlized aircraft in all of Alaska.  Whether on floats or big bush tires, this plane gets the job done day in and day out.  Our aircraft selection and attention to your comfort and safety separate us from the crowd.  Come see the difference for yourself!

What We Do!

      We specialize in taking our guests to some of the most beautiful places in Alaska, providing a variety of services including McNeil River Access, Bear Viewing, Sight Seeing, Point to Point Transportation, and Aerial Work Operations. If you love photography, sightseeing, hunting, hiking/camping, or fishing, let us help you fulfill your dream adventures!

Our Safety Standard

As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on taking extreme safety precautions on every flight. Our safety protocol includes watching the weather carefully and loading the planes under capacity for easier, safer takeoffs/landings. Your safety and the safety of your friends and family is our #1 priority at Northwind!

Flights Availiable from Homer!

  • Charter Flights to Anchorage
  • Charter Flights to Seward
  • Charter Flights to Seldovia
  • Charter Flights to 20 other locations!
  • Bear Viewing Trips
  • Hunting Transport Trips
  • Cargo Trasport Trips
  • And much more!

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