When you visit Homer, prepare to be captivated by the distant vistas showcasing Alaska's majestic volcanoes, glaciers, and cascading waterfalls. Elevate your experience by joining us on a 3-hour flight with a remote 30-minute landing, offering unparalleled views of some of Alaska's most iconic landscapes.

Highlights of the Flight:

  • Mount Redoubt: Marvel at the grandeur of this active stratovolcano, known for its stunning beauty and volcanic activity.

  • Mount Iliamna: Witness the impressive presence of one of the highest peaks in the Aleutian Range, showcasing its rugged and awe-inspiring terrain.

  • Mount Augustine: Admire the splendor of this frequently active volcano, standing as a testament to the dynamic geological forces at play in Alaska.

  • Mount Douglas: Experience the allure of this mountain, adding another layer of scenic beauty to your aerial adventure.

Trip Cost:

  • $2700 CESSNA 206 -                                                                            5 PEOPLE OR 800 LBS MAX
  • $4725  DE HAVILLAND BEAVER -                                                      7 PASSENGERS OR 1400 LBS MAX
  • $6795 DEHAVILLAND OTTER -                                                          10 PASSENGERS OR 2000 LBS MAX

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*Above prices include all taxes, fuel surcharges, and applicable park fees.


What is the Ring Of Fire?

Alaska's Ring of Fire, aptly named for its horseshoe-shaped alignment of numerous active volcanoes, represents a geological marvel that showcases the state's dynamic and volatile nature. Stretching from the Aleutian Islands to the southern part of the Alaska Peninsula, this impressive volcanic arc encompasses iconic peaks like Mount Redoubt, Mount Iliamna, and Mount Augustine. These majestic stratovolcanoes stand as both a testament to the Earth's tumultuous inner workings and a source of breathtaking natural beauty. The Ring of Fire is a constant reminder of Alaska's unique position at the crossroads of tectonic plates, where the forces shaping the planet's surface are on vivid display, shaping the landscape and contributing to the region's awe-inspiring scenery.