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Are you passionate about Alaska Brown Bears and the breathtaking landscapes within our National Parks? Destination Alaska has crafted an exclusive 7-day, 6-night package designed to satisfy your enthusiasm and capture every moment on your camera cards.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with us as we take you deep into Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks. Witness Brown Bears in their natural habitat, engaging in activities such as feeding, playing, breeding, and occasional fights. Through meticulous planning and investment in top-notch equipment, we offer one of the most distinctive multi-day bear viewing experiences in the industry.

Our base package comprises three nights in authentic Alaskan log chalets and three days of bear viewing by floatplane and wheeled bush plane from our Homer locations. Our rugged de Havilland Turbo Beavers, equipped with 35" Bushwheel Tundra Tires, allow us to land on soft sandy beaches in the heart of bear country. Additionally, our de Havilland Otter on floats can take you to freshwater lakes where bears feed on spawning salmon.

On the fourth day, get ready for an exhilarating experience as we fly south to the incredible Katmai National Park coastline, west of Kodiak Island. There, the 90' M/V Peregrine and our crew will await you for a three-day bear viewing extravaganza. Enjoy comfortable nights on the vessel's front deck, wake up to fresh coffee, and indulge in hearty breakfasts prepared by our crew. Each day, board our skiff with your bear guide for several hours of front-row viewing at a local brown bear theater. End your day with a home-cooked meal and relaxation in the onboard hot tub.

Yes, you read it right – a hot tub on the front deck for you to unwind and enjoy! On the final day, we'll fly in to pick you up for a scenic ride back to Homer.

For those seeking a VIP upgrade, we offer flights from Anchorage to Homer and SUV rental cars as additional options to streamline your vacation planning. Our carefully selected locations, including Chinitna Bay, Silver Salmon Creek, Tuxedni Bay, Crescent Lake, Hallo Bay, Brooks Falls, Crosswind Lake, Morraine Creek, Geographic Harbor, Kukak Bay, and more, promise up-close and personal encounters with Ursus Arctos.

Package Price: $11,750 per person (includes taxes, park fees, fuel surcharge) *A 3% processing fee applies to all credit card payments. Wire transfers and checks are accepted. VIP air transport from Anchorage to Homer and rental car options are available – call for pricing and availability.

Packages are offered on predefined date blocks – please call our office. Limited to 10 guests per block. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due within 60 days of the trip. No refunds are available within 60 days of the trip unless the dates can be filled with other guests. Trip insurance is strongly recommended due to potential weather cancellations or other issues beyond our control.

Age limits are 12 and up. Weight restriction: cannot exceed 300 pounds per passenger. Participants must be physically able to hike 2-3 miles per day across uneven or soft ground. Meals are included while onboard the M/V Peregrine. Not included are meals in Homer and gratuities.

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  1. Higher Power-to-Weight Ratio:

    • Turbine Engines' Power Output: Turbine bush planes typically feature turbine engines that offer a superior power-to-weight ratio compared to piston engines. This results in better takeoff performance, especially in challenging conditions such as short or high-elevation airstrips common in Alaska. The enhanced power allows turbine bush planes to operate efficiently even with heavy loads, making them well-suited for transporting cargo and passengers in the rugged Alaskan wilderness.
  2. Greater Reliability and Durability:

    • Simplified Mechanical Structure: Turbine engines have fewer moving parts than traditional piston engines, leading to increased reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. In the harsh and remote conditions of Alaska, where access to maintenance facilities may be limited, the simplicity of turbine engines becomes a significant advantage. Turbine bush planes can withstand the challenges of rough landings, extreme weather, and extended operation without the same level of wear and tear experienced by piston engines, contributing to higher overall durability.
  3. Improved High-Altitude Performance:

    • Consistent Power at Altitude: Turbine engines maintain consistent power output at higher altitudes, making them well-suited for the mountainous terrain of Alaska. As bush planes often need to navigate over mountain ranges and glaciers, the ability to operate effectively at high altitudes is crucial. Turbine engines deliver reliable performance in these conditions, ensuring that pilots have the power needed for safe takeoffs and climbs, even in the challenging topography of the Alaskan wilderness.