The History Of N125KD 

Yemen 1963

Otter #436 was delivered to the UN (Feb 1963)

As serial number 307 (see tail in picture), our otter worked for the United Nations in Yemen as part of the 134th Air Transport Unit. The picture to the right shows our otter as it patrolled the skies over Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia in 1963!

After the 134th Unit was shut down, otter #436 transported to El Arish, Egypt where it was sold by the UN for just over $60,000

October 1968

Pan American Oil flew otter #436 in Egyptian Desert

When this photo was taken, Pan American UAR Oil Co. had been flying the otter for four years out of Cairo International Airport where it packed supplies and transported people into their Egyptian desert exploration sites!

As depicted in the picture to the left, our otter received her first of many red paint coats similar to the one on her today.  

Canada 1970

Otter #436 Sold to Geoterrex for survey work

After large fuel tanks were put on the wingtips (see the picture to the right), our otter was flown across the Atlantic to the United States and eventually to Canada where it was sold to Geoterrex for survey work based out of Ottawa.

​In the 11 years between 1970 and 1981, otter #436 flew thousands of hours of survey flights in Canada and the United States and played a roll in discovering major mineral deposits for companies such as Exxon!

On Floats 1983

Otter #436 aided mining operations in the Yukon

After purchasing the otter from Geoterrex, Alkan air outfitted it with a new paint job and floats for summer work! It flew supplies and people to mining operations throughout the Yukon. It also flew on skis in the winter providing transportation to hunters and skiers going to Mount Logan.

Alkan Air flew this otter until 1988 it was sold to Atlin Air who only owned it for one year

December 1988

Atlin Air only owned the otter for one season 

As mentioned above, Atlin Air ran the otter for one season before it transferred ownership to North of Sixty Flying Services Inc. in 1990 who operated it for lodge transportation in Canada's Northwest Territories. Otter #436 would continue operation here for the next 25 years!

Following this in 2015, the Otter was purchased by Northwind Aviation!


In the winter between 2018-19, the otter received a fresh paint scheme similar to the one on it beforehand, and one year later, the wings were painted! It also received a completely new engine and propeller! 

Otter #436 can be heard rumbling down the lake in Homer, Alaska as it takes people and supplies all over the surrounding region/wilderness!

We feel honored to be a part of the history of this beautiful plane!

Information on Otter #436 Courtesy of Karl E. Hayes